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Hearing the words, Civil Disobedience, evokes a range of reactions in people. Some instinctively wince, regarding it as anti-social or subversive.

“If the choice is obedience or conscience, I try my best to pick conscience”

-Henry David Thoreau

United Non-Compliance is about taking the message person to person, city to city and province to province to help wake people up to what is happening in our country.  To demonstrate the power of unity of thought and purpose.  I am only one person.  Imagine what can be accomplished if thousands and millions of us were expressing acts of united non-compliance.  The people in charge of our fate will have to listen.

The first phase of united non-compliance was the awakening.  That is what brought us to this point.

The second phase of united non-compliance is about taking action through organization and implementation.  This is about more than mass protests.  It is about functionally organizing groups of like minded concerned citizens that are aligned on particular issues to lead the charge on that specific issue.  Mass protests serve a purpose, but in order to truly take action, we need hard working, focused individuals that band together with a common purpose.  We need individual and group passion for the issues at hand to propel us forward with our message to the masses.  Examples include: parents objecting to mask wearing and the closures of schools; conscientious individuals who feel strongly against wearing masks in stores and restaurants; business owners uniting together to open in defiance of the lockdown orders; groups of employees who do not want mandatory vaccinations.

Some of the actions that you can take include:

  • Know the law(s) and by-laws and be prepared to assert them.
  • Stop wearing a mask and know your rights.
  • Keep your business open and organize other local businesses.
  • Stop complying blindly.
  • Say no to the “vaccine”.
  • Get involved with like-minded people on the issue(s) that matter to you.
  • Participate in protests, sit-ins and walkouts.
  • Boycott products and services from manufacturers and stores that are compliant.
  • Protest in person and on social media.
  • Share the truth.


This is a seminal moment in the history of our generation.  What you decide to do now will have repercussions on the future of your family, community, country and democracy.  You may think that this doesn’t affect you because your job appears secure, you have money in the bank and you do not have a business that is being affected by the lockdowns.

The biggest inconvenience that you feel at the moment is that you can’t go on vacation or go to a restaurant.  While you are sitting in the bleachers waiting for everything to “go back to normal”, there is a fundamental shift happening that will affect us all. By the time you notice, it will be too late.  There is more at stake here than you can possibly imagine.


  • Get informed
  • Take a stand (even if is a small one at first)
  • Volunteer your time
  • Donate to the cause (any group that is working hard to protect us from this impending loss of rights)


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